Do you often find yourself thinking...

  • I feel stuck. I don’t know what I want from life!

  • Balancing the demands of my career and family is killing me.

  • Is it that my spouse or partner does not find me attractive anymore?

  • Looks like I will end up alone. My relationships do not seem to work.

  • I do not have enough charm and charisma. It appears as if people are simply pretending to like me.

  • My kids are rebellious & my husband is making it worse.

….& the list goes on and on……….. guilt, self-loathing, fear, confusion, grief, loss, betrayal……….. are we women just created to suffer?

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What is paradigm shift

Definition: a fundamental change in approach or underlying assumptions.

Paradigm Shift Coach has been created by a Woman Entrepreneur Ms Reshmma Gulati who is an Excellence & Wellness Coach. Through the “Paradigm Shift” in her Journey of struggle and challenges emerged a woman of strength and perseverance!! Her motto in life is “Power is within you, explore the possibilities in every challenge or disaster”.

about me

Reshmma Gulati is an Excellence and Wellness Coach (ICF Certified), with expertise in Neuro-Lingustic Programming (accredited by Dr. Richard Bandler- the co-founder of NLP). She has also been actively practicing alternate healing and wellness since more than a decade. From a normal person with “settled life ” to turning into an unemployed women due to health problems, Know how Reshmma turned her life into a self fulfulling “positive one” through her journey

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